Premiere | Thomm Jutz – Adios Boys

Between the good and the bad, the past and the present, and conservation and alteration, Thomm Jutz lives in a dual-world of juxtaposition. Hence, his folk LP series, To Live in Two Worlds, fittingly split into two volumes. Volume Two is set for release on 25 September. It features works from Jutz that split between a full, lively string band and nothing but the artist’s voice and guitar—another means through which he exists in twos.

‘Adios Boys’ is borne of the latter; it’s a pensive solo arrangement that highlights Jutz’s “in the smoky corner of the room” performance moxie. A wistful folk number if there ever were one, this southwestern-tinged tune recalls the artist’s lyrical shine, as well as the natural, nostalgic heartache through which he performs.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm