Premiere | Basia Bartz – A Girl At Dusk

If you caught either of our Catherine Rudie sessions for ‘Everyday Dangers’ and ‘Mobius Kiss’ you’ll have seen Basia Bartz on the violin. Today Basia releases her first solo single, a re-imagining of the Polish folk song ‘A Girl At Dusk’.

A call for the sun to set, the song is a lament sung by a girl, tired and desperate for a night’s rest. The emotions evoked in the song resonate strongly with Basia, and her challenges from moving to the UK including support herself financially, becoming established musically, finishing her studies and the small matter of learning English from scratch.

The song is a tribute to all those who have to work beyond their ability, often without any recognition or understanding for the difficulties they face, and the strength they must possess to persevere, despite their own exhaustion.

The track was recorded with Ben Walker, just days before the COVID-19 lockdown was announced. After a surreal trip on empty trains that carried her to Brighton, feeling distressed and overwhelmed by the impending crisis, they recorded ‘A Girl At Dusk’ in four hours.

‘A Girl At Dusk’ is on Bandcamp now, and will appear on other platforms shortly. Keep up with Basia and her various musical projects over on Facebook, Instragam and her own site.