Premiere | The Rough & Tumble – Monkey Around

The Rough & Tumble are great innovators. In light of a worldwide pandemic and protests, the Nashville folk duo is still working to unearth nuggets of positivity. Whether it be in an ongoing food blog appropriately titled ‘The Rumbly Tummy’ or using their platform for a higher purpose, speaking out on behalf of Black Lives Matter, their presence has been strongly accounted for as of late. On top of it all, the Rough & Tumble are still publishing new music; their latest, ‘Monkey Around’, offers some levity in a time of medical unease and civil unrest.

Due out on this Friday, 12 June, the jangly folk tune recalls the lighthearted side of Woody Guthrie, highlighting a heart-melting notion for innocent fun.

On the tune, the Rough & Tumble tell For Folk’s Sake, “This song started as a way to monkey around with words, morphed into a love song, and by the time we started playing it out had degenerated into a way to show off Mallory’s nose flute skills. And then it became a way to hawk those 1,000 personalized nose flutes at intermission, which sold surprisingly well pre-pandemic. It’s a breath of fresh air at the end of a set, a bit of fun, and a way to give our audience cartoon heart eyes. It was incredibly fun to record a little bit country and a little bit trash band, a song where we can throw in all the literal bells and whistles.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm