Premiere | Andrea Magee – Floating Heart

Andrea Magee’s ‘Floating Heart’ is just the kind of music that we need right now, more than ever. Especially in the face of times uncertain, a message of peace in a reminder that everything will be alright in the end is essential. It’s a slow-burning slice of country-blues, accentuated by Magee’s warm, rich vocals as she gorgeously navigates the soulful arrangement.

Since her move to the US from the UK six years ago, Magee has commanded the national touring circuit alongside the likes of Brian Wilson, Jeff Bridges, and Jonathan Jackson. Now, with her solo catalog piecing itself together, she’s coming at songs all her own with the same empowering confidence and vulnerability as her legendary contemporaries.

“Music and songwriting has and always will be my go-to for peace in my life. It helps me process all that is going on internally and around me, especially right now in this current world we are living in. The inspiration for this song was just that. ‘Floating Heart’ is a song about having a conversation with you.”

“Often we look out and ask everyone around us what we should do, how we should feel and overlook the inner monologue and voice that is sometimes screaming the answers we need. I was lost (maybe I still am), but I could always hear a faint voice saying, ‘t’s going to be okay’ On the very day I wrote this song, a heart shaped leaf floated past my feet and gave me the push I needed to address what was going on in my life. Together we can get though it, but usually it starts from within; this song is a gentle reminder of that.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm