Premiere | Arielle Silver – Headlights

Arielle Silver’s “Headlights” was made for a time such as this. The uplifting country folk tune is a healthy reminder of breaking our stressors down one moment, one day at a time. Filled with vibrant instrumentation, from the jangle of piano keys to full-bodied, empowering mandolin and backing vocals, the scene is set for Silver to deliver the crux of the tune’s optimistic message with her sweet, moving vocals. The tune is due out on 24 April.

Silver states, “Many times over life, we get to a point where it can feel like we’re trying to navigate our way through a thick fog of darkest night. Right now during the economic and health crisis of COVID-19, this feeling of overwhelm and uncertainty is happening on a global level. Many of us can’t imagine what a month into the future will look like. ‘Headlights’ is a song about times like this. Even if we can’t see the whole way, if we can find some light to illuminate a piece of the road ahead, we’ll find our way through.”    

Words by: Jonathan Frahm