Premiere | Jeremy Ferrara – Ourselves

Though he’s been working and running experiments on his musical mind from the precocious age of 11, Jeremy Ferrara credits his time away at uni for the moments that led to his full artful bloom. Whilst in the midst of pursuing a physics major at UC Santa Barbara, Ferrara frequented DIY music spaces and venues where he would come to find his musical identity. Since then, he’s garnered a penchant for touring that’s seen him enjoy a pleasant six-week run out and about through Europe opening for Erisy Watt.

Now, Ferrara is on the cusp of the release of his debut album. The reflective troubadour’s atmospheric folk feels reminiscent of the likes of self-aware, world-aware songwriters with visions of a better world built into their bones; Conor Oberst, Elliott Smith, and Neil Young come to mind. There’s some joy to be had in the bittersweet and the nostalgic for Ferrara, too, as new single ‘Ourselves’ would attest. Leading the charge into the release of his LP, With Every Change, on 1 May, the single is atmospheric and sincere folk-rock that’s utterly charmed us.