Premiere | Molly Linen – Outside EP

Let’s step Outside. Molly Linen releases her debut EP this week and it’s a gem. On this five-track collection for Lost Map’s PostMap Club series, the Shropshire-born, Glasgow-based artists has weaved a subtle but engagingly rich tapestry of sounds to warm the listener. Languid guitars and dreamy vocals carry you along on a slight breeze, a lightness of touch coupled with intense atmosphere that feels like a light fog offering up an autumnal hug on a cold, crisp day. Inspired by her Shropshire roots and her now urban setting in the West End of Glasgow, nature is a theme never far away from Linen’s music. “Some of the songs on the Outside EP reflect on my personal experiences of being out in nature and feeling the many emotional benefits, whilst others are observations of being in particular environments and noticing small details.” You can get an exclusive first listen to the full EP below.

Outside is released this Friday digitally and on 10″ vinyl via the Lost Map webshop.