Video Premiere | Elsa Birgitta Bekman – Desire Lines

With the release of ‘Desire Lines’, Elsa Birgitta Bekman has two singles to her name. The first, ‘Once in My Life (Sverige Vals)’, debuted to much aplomb in early July beside a stirring self-produced cinematic. She’s approaching the release of ‘Desire Lines’ in a similar light, premiering an equally vibrant, lively, and captivating audiovisual storytelling experience alongside the single. The tune itself is nothing to shake a stick at, either; with or without an impressive accompanying music video, it stirs with a vividness and ebullience that speaks to Bekman’s heart as a songwriter and arranger.

For the video, the meticulous hard-worker in Bekman saw her building a model of her mother’s house in Sweden. Juxtaposing itself between Bekman’s uncanny model and the real thing, the video comes to life as a showcase of her and best friend and violinist, Jade’s, musical talents and effervescence. It was produced by another friend of Bekman’s, Harmen, a professional videographer.

‘Desire Lines’ is the second single from off of Bekman’s forthcoming album, due out sometime in early 2020. She tells For Folk’s Sake…

“I wrote Desire Lines in November 2017 while I was in the process of moving to a new home; the house I’m currently living in. The thought of that idyllic house situated in the middle of nowhere, in the countryside and far away from my hometown, inspired me a great deal. If you climb up the dyke next to my house there’s a view of the sea. I was looking forward to living in a house so isolated from the world, surrounded by trees and fields, and being able to fully concentrate on my thoughts and music. I mused on my life and the choices that had brought me here. How during my teenage years I had been struggling with school and people’s expectations; how this struggle only lessened when I started focusing on my passion for music. I finally realized that I hadn’t been failing before because I was incapable or lazy, but because I wasn’t passionate about the things I was doing in life.

“So this song is for everybody who feels lost in life and doesn’t know which way to go. Trust your gut feeling, know your strengths and weaknesses. Even if it seems inconvenient, carve your own path; a desire line.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm