Premiere | Broken Forest – Deeper Than You (Live at The Old Church)

When Broken Forest were invited to play The Old Church in Stoke Newington earlier this year, Luise London and her band took the opportunity to reimagine their songs to fit the setting. Stripped back, the songs lost their distinctive elements of electronica, but gained a charming intimacy as fans were able to hear familiar songs in a whole new way. The band recorded the show, and Luise instantly new she wanted to release it as a live EP. “I always fall in love with rough, acoustic recordings of songs by my favourite artists,” she said. “I love the rawness and authenticity of those, the little details you here, the edge in the vocals and the little imperfections here and there.”

Live At The Old Church, released on August 30 via Luise London Records, features five tracks from the night, including ‘Peter’ and ‘Walking Amongst Giants’. Also on the EP is ‘Deeper Than You’, which you can get a first listen to below. With the evening of the concern dedicated to examining the place of arts in emotional health and mental well-being, it was a particularly important song. “We can be easily overwhelmed by all the thoughts floating around in our mind, but it is important to pause from time to time and reflect on the present moment and appreciate the things that surround us,” Luise said.

The band will be back at The Old Church for a show on October 24, with details of the gig here.