Premiere | Trae Sheehan – Closing the Door

Like many of today’s best Americana innovators, Trae Sheehan isn’t an artist who lets the traditional restrictions of a genre define him. Depending on the moment, the mostly self-taught singer-songwriter bounces between folk, rock, and country elements like a savant. His new single, “Closing the Door”, sees Sheehan taking the opportunity to masterfully mish-mash these varied tones into a profound production.

A charming road song at heart that isn’t too out-of-range from one of Sheehan’s earliest inspirations, the Eagles, a blend of guitar, harmonica, fiddle, and a Hammond B3 make for a harmonious blend of roots rock and a tinge of soul. It’s self-liberating easy listening that doesn’t keep itself inside of any particular box, but keeps Sheehan ascending the multi-sided Americana ladder like some of his contemporaries. The first of two singles incoming from his upcoming album, Arizona, ‘Closing the Door’ sees the artist standing toe-to-toe with some of the greatest songwriters of our current times — the Lori McKennas, Natalie Hembys, and Joel Levis in the room.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm