Video premiere | Rebekah Hawker – Round of Fools

Photo courtesy of Auteur Research

Rebekah Hawker is poised as the antithesis to modern pop music. Her art isn’t deemed by internet-era frivolities, but with emotive lyrics that can carry as much might as an incoming tempest betwixt wistful melodies that speak to the heart.

The Americana artist’s latest, ‘Round of Fools’, steers into its infectious hooks with steadied abandon, recalling the wholehearted charm of legacy country artists. Although, modern production fits her well beside contemporaries this side of Kacey Musgraves and Erisy Watt. Unfeigned lyricism meets uplifting musicality, making for a subtle release of catharsis each time its chorus comes swinging back around.

Directed by Adrienne McLaren, the song’s accompanying music video has a wistful sense about it. Featuring several shots of Hawker, she delivers the song like a frank, one-on-one conversation, doubling down on its self-freeing themes.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm