Premiere | Dennis Hollström & the Ponies – Blood Moon

Matilda Hjärtsam

“The song is about letting go of things in your past that doesn’t serve you anymore,” says Dennis Hollstrom. “Sung and played as a healing relief with harmonies and a playful harmonica.”

With a statement like that, Hollstrom sounds like a true, blue folk artist — and he is. That said, he didn’t start out that way. Raised by the southern Swedish coast, Hollstrom first began cutting his teeth in garage bands that verged far more along the lines of rock. With each trip that he’d taken through United States, though, he began to let folk music pour into his veins. Taking his personal experiences to heart with his newfound heartful songwriting technique, he founded Dennis Hollstrom & the Ponies along with his youngest brother Jonas Hollström, Matilda Hjärtstam, Derry Davey, Mikael Wessel and Johannes Renklint.

Blood moons are inherently a rare occurrence, but the soul with which Hollstrom approaches delivering his single of the same name may be of an even scarcer beauty. ‘Blood Moon’ gracefully unfurls into layers of serene, rootsy instrumentation as Hollstrom sweetly and earnestly delivers a distinctive vocal.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm