Premiere | The Rose Valley Thorns – Steel Strings

Photo courtesy of Effective Immediately PR

The Rose Valley Thorns find their inspiration in the region which they share a name with, nestled snugly within the mountains of Ojai, California. Not quite traditional bluegrass or the studied unconventionality of Chris Thile’s newgrass, the Ojai string band unearths another side of contemporary bluegrass that haunts as memorably as the valley from which they hail.

‘Steel Strings’ is indicative of this, featuring sauntering, gypsy-tinged melodies performed in the old style, between a single vintage microphone. True to their roots while expanding outwards, the Rose Valley Thorns c raft a purlieu with their latest that slips seamlessly between the wistful and the voguish. It’s a sort-of genuine, uncanny artistic expression that gets us excited for their upcoming titular LP, which drops on 12 July.

The Rose Valley Thorns’ mandolinist and singer-songwriter Joshua Bergmann says of the track, “Music is so compelling that it almost haunts me and makes me feel like I can’t escape it.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)