Video premiere | Owen-Glass – Here It Comes

“We’re just wasting our time chasing all that glitters and shines” Owen-Glass sing on ‘Here It Comes’ – the latest release off their upcoming debut album The Rope & The Rabbit. The song seeks to tackle the way in which the overload of information in the modern world can actually disconnect us from what is going on rather than make it real. “We’re so numb to the violence,” songwriter Kelly Wayne Conley said. “When you really sit up and take notice, it feels like the ground is shaking under your feet, and then you look around and everyone has their head down in the cell phones, arguing some relatively benign point with a stranger…Ultimately, ‘Here It Comes’ is an observation about the ebb and flow of war and peace, anxiety and contentment, dissatisfaction and satisfaction. We’re all just rolling with the punches here, y’know?” Big themes to go with a big sound. The East Texas-based Conley formed Owen-Glass with guitarist Cole Humphrey before calling in David Beck, Dees Stribling, Craig Conley, Anthony Earl and Eric Ostberg to create something evokes that sweeping 70s AM feel – blending folk, country, rock and gospel. For this video, though, they’ve shrunk themselves down to a table top television. “The video serves to compliment the song and drive home the point that a lot of this anxiety comes from our obsession with the media,” Conley added. “The way we get our news has evolved, but it really started in the early days of radio, and I think more so with the early days of TV. Everything, everywhere became real to us, and that has its own set of pros and cons. We have the opportunity to foster understanding, empathy and solidarity with regular people around the world, but we’re also much more easily manipulated into passively supporting some really terrible things.”

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