Video Premiere | Sarah Eide – ‘The Bridge Song’

Photo courtesy of artist

Like many of us throughout the world, when news of the 2016 US Election hit, Sarah Eide was at a loss. She recalls, “I felt there was an ever growing chasm between myself and many people I love and respect, including family members.”

It was during this period of trepidation that a haze befell the folk artist, unsure of how to elucidate the song that had formed in her heart following the ushering-in of these uncertain times. Recognizing a desire for a new approaching budding within her, though, is when ‘The Bridge Song’ was finally borne into the world.

With a sprightly rhythm and joyous, sing-along chorus, ‘The Bridge Song’ does not exactly emanate the doom and gloom that Eide had originally imagined for the tune. Her reframed vision features “as much lightheartedness as you can muster,” Eide says, and brings along a swath of Chicago talent, to boot. Among them include The Waco Brothers’ Joe Camarillo and acclaimed fiddler JessMcIntosh, who join Eide on the sunny number recorded primarily in Steve Albini’s studio, Electric Audio. Furthermore, Eide self-produced ‘The Bridge Song’, unfurling another layer to her artistic talents along the way.

All of this is pressed together in well-organized, endlessly charming fashion with the assistance of director and animator Jon Lewis. Lewis made abundant use of his aforementioned talents in the productions of the accompanying music video for ‘The Bridge Song’, featuring Eide amidst a sea of cartoon creations that colorfully illustrate a universally understandable and relatable song whose very simplest aim seems to be in bringing us all together.

‘The Bridge Song’ is the third single from off of Eide’s forthcoming album, Dreams On Hold, set to be released on 6 May.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)