Premiere | Dom Major – Christmas Cards

Now we at For Folk’s Sake love Christmas as much as anyone. Every year we count the days to dust off A Charlie Brown Christmas and pull on the cosiest woolly jumper we can find. But few can deny the commercialisation of the annual holiday can stick in the craw sometimes. There is an easy disposability to so much consumption which comes at this time of year – themes which Dom Major explores on ‘Christmas Cards’ – his Christmas single which we’re delighted to premiere before its release on December 12 via Babywoman Records.

“The inspiration behind the song was the feeling of how everything (including us) is so disposable all the time,” Major said. “For example, Christmas cards. People spend stupid amounts of money each year to get a card to send to all their friends. They look at it once, keep it on the windowsill a week, then throw it away. I think the main body of the song is exploring how we as people can treat each other like Christmas cards sometimes. Flavour of the week one week, and gone the next.”

Major’s music leaves plenty of space to explore such themes, his rich sound deep but subtle – sweet Americana licks creating a warm but melancholic feel. This might not be the song you instinctively reach for when decorating the tree, but it will be a valuable addition to any Christmas collection.

Oh, and by the way, we still endorse the sending of Christmas cards. Just try to make sure they go towards charity.