Album Premiere | Alex Dunn – Scattered Poems

With his debut album, Scattered Poems, Alex Dunn proudly walks in the footsteps of singer-songwriters who have laid Seattle’s unwittingly roots-laden musical foundation. A gateway of the Gold Rush, Washington has a hefty catalog of warm folk songwriting enveloped in the embrace of its history. While Dunn is a contributor to that vibrant and ongoing history, most of Scattered Poems was written mostly while out on his lonesome across Alaskan waters. Aboard a commercial fishing vessel, Dunn wrote most of what would become an album largely reflective of the bittersweet amalgam of love and loss, individualistically packaged into the layered, ruminative folk and Americana of the forthcoming LP.

On the album, Dunn says, “As cliché as it may sound, the overarching theme of this record is love. Each song might be its own story, but it always comes down to love; love for my mother, for my grandmother, love for my family. Love for lovers, unrequited love, and love purely for this simple chance at existence. As my mother always said, ‘to love and be loved is all there really is’ (which is now engraved on my guitar strap.)”

Scattered Poems is set to release on 16 November.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)