Video Premiere | Madeleine Roger – Luckiest

We are not always lucky enough to make a big choice and ultimately bear its fruit. Sometimes we succeed, and other times, our hopes are dashed to the wayside. We all are who we are and not a thing can take that away from us, and that much is true, but Madeleine Roger knows how blessed she has been to be able to take musical serendipity by the horns and make the best of it. Featuring cool, melodious clarinet that swirls around swaying choruses and an ascending overall arrangement, ‘Luckiest’ is all about that warm feeling at the core of our beings when we do manage to make it all work out.

The charming music video for the tune was filmed and edited by Roger herself, and even features a collection of her own sweet artwork and doodles. Roger tells us:

“Several years ago, I decided to quit my past life as a theatre artist in pursuit of becoming a singer-songwriter. I was completely in love with songcraft, but afraid to take the plunge professionally because I had spent years telling myself that it wasn’t part of my chosen path. When I finally decided to pursue music instead of theatre, I felt such a deep joy and freedom in realizing that I no longer had to place these limitations on myself, and I wrote ‘Luckiest’ while imagining all of the possibilities that the future held. Ultimately, it’s a song about choices, and how fortunate I feel to live the kind of life where I am able to make them.”
‘Luckiest’ is the second single from Roger’s forthcoming album, Cottonwood, set to be released on 26 October.
Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)