Video Premiere | Katie Barbato – The Art of Falling

With a vinyl release in just four days and a digital one soon to follow on 21 Sept., Katie Barbato is sharing the title track of her forthcoming EP with For Folk’s Sake today. Accompanying it is a gorgeous video directed by Dan Collins. It’s a tour through each of the four seasons—a vibrant and serene backdrop most certainly perfect for the sweet and wistful reflections of the song. As an audiovisual experiences, the song and video work in tandem to gracefully craft an entire world around looking back on the tougher times with a certain calmness. It’s a work of beauty all around, evocative of just the sort of reflective songwriting and artistry that we could never get enough from out of those like Barbato.

Barbato tells For Folk’s Sake, “To me, ‘The Art of Falling’ concept came from the desire to go through difficult times with grace and stamina. It is not about coming out on the other side the same as you were. After a fall, you are somewhere distantly familiar but full of possibility. Let the grief and sadness move through you, honor it, and stand up tall.”

Collins tells For Folk’s Sake…

“We wanted to do something that felt natural, and spending time in nature is one of the ways that both Katie and I get away from all the stress of the lives of Philadelphia artists. We’re good friends, so we’ve taken these kinds of hikes a hundred times, it’s what we do. We started filming one beautiful day, late in the autumn, and soon had the idea to extend the shoot into the winter to get the contrast of the seasons that resonates so well within the emotions of the song. We were ready to wrap after a snowy day in early March, but spring was coming around the bend, and we had that “eureka!” moment. We knew we had to finish out the video with a full cycle through the seasons. The visual narrative of the video, for me, really resonates with the cyclical nature of the lyrics of the song: living, loving, losing, and living again. That’s what it’s all about.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)