Premiere | The Jellyman’s Daughter – Dead Reckoning

Comprised of Emily Kelly and Graham Coe, Edinburgh duo The Jellyman’s Daughter produce full-bodied folk music replete with vocals, guitars, mandolin, and cello. It’s in their masterful craft that they’re able to resonate with such a richness between just two artists—enough to fill any room. Hailing from Scotland, too, they are privy towards inherently evoking layered images of the mist-covered knolls of Great Britain in their music as well.

Such is the case in their forthcoming album, Dead Reckoning. Sharing its titular single with For Folk’s Sake today, Kelly and Coe exhibit their penchant for developing gorgeous indie folk music that rises subtly, yet with a poignancy comparable to a tempest. Chockful of ebullient string work and gracefully interweaving vocal harmonies, ‘Dead Reckoning’ is as powerful an exemplification of the talents of The Jellyman’s Daughter as any other.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)