Premiere | Anne Deming – ‘No Escape’

Courtesy of Planetary Group

Although she’s trapped, Anne Deming is still on top in ‘No Escape’. The Midwest singer-songwriter’s new single is a voluptuous, powerfully feminine anthem with a suitably captivating music video to match. In the audiovisual experience Deming is presenting, she dances through a farmhouse searching for the exit, but it never seems like she’s not in control. Whether or not she makes it remains to be seen—and you can find out for yourself by checking it out below.

The song itself is a delectable slice of Americana, to boot. Inundated by crunchy guitar riffs and a driving rhythm, the ebb and flow between reverb and feedback that Deming soars between with her resonant vocals exhibits a darker edge to her style than many of the artists inhabiting the same circuit. Thematically, she accepts her flaws but doesn’t miss a beat in taking steps forward to keep in charge, making it clear that she is a force that cannot be silenced or demeaned.

Deming’s new album, Dash & Temper, is set to be released sometime this autumn.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)