Premiere | New Indiana – ‘Deep in a Haze’

Photo courtesy of Clandestine

A baroque stillness besets New Indiana’s ‘Deep in a Haze’ like an old friend. Its minimalist production is yielded by calming layers of lilting harmonies against a melodic sway that feels like a nostalgic summertime mist. These are the musical makings of a duo who have persisted together as artistic muses since the 1990s, when cellist Topu Lyo and guitarist Randy Bergida met at the University of Arizona. From that moment on, it was serendipity, with the duo’s efforts over the past few decades finally culminating in the form of a debut album: Darkness Sunshine (pre-order).

‘Deep in a Haze’ predates the release of New Indiana’s forthcoming full-length by about three weeks, with the duo’s efforts riding the line between classical and roots music alike without ever quite stepping too much over into one field or the other. Rather, its a deft blend of influences that come together to form something wholly new.

New Indiana tells For Folk’s Sake, “‘Deep In a Haze’ is an anachronistic moment. It is nostalgic. It is blue. It is lazy and feeling out of it. It is laying in a patch of sun on a shag red carpet on a long summer day. It is the wee hours of the night meeting the first glimpse of light. It is endless.”

Darkness Sunshine releases on 17 August.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)