Premiere | DocFell & Co. – ‘Tough’

Opening with one heck of a fiddle flourish, DocFell & Co. define their homegrown roots sound right out of the gate on ‘Tough’. The tune, which is featured on their forthcoming album, encapsulates all of the inner makings of a bonafide Dust Bowl anthem. Their brand of Americana comes with a dash of jubilant and authentic outlaw spirit, and it can be felt in every inch of this touching ode to Doc himself’s papa, Fred.

For Folk’s Sake is privileged to premiere this heartening, lesson-laden take on earthen roots. Stamped together by fiddle, pedal steel, and a good dose of twang and grit, Fell and his company hardly have to sell this invigorating anthem. For more information, visit DocFell & Co.’s official website. Their third studio album, Heaven, Hell, or Oklahoma, will be released on 4 May.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)