Video premiere | Jeremy Bass – ‘Till The Summer Ends

“There’s the weather outside and the weather inside. Sometimes they match – winter seems endless, summer passes too quickly. Sometimes they are at odds with each other, and you don’t feel right in your own skin,” says Jeremy Bass. Which seems apt, because I’m writing about a song called ‘Till The Summer Ends’ and it’s -4C outside – and starting to feel a little that way inside too. But while I fetch another jumper, you can enjoy the video premiere to Bass’ latest track – which documents the ending of a relationship as the season’s change.

“‘Till the Summer Ends’ began as a love song, an ode to summer and an attempt to savour it before it was gone,” Bass said. “But as I was writing the song, refining the structure and the lyrics, a long-struggling relationship began to finally fall apart. Soon the song also became about wanting to hold on to what was ending, the season and the affair. So for me, the song is full of longing, desire, sweetness and, ultimately, sadness. It’s a portrait of a person doing what we all do to some extent do in some portion of our lives: we struggle to hold on to what is meant to pass through us. In that sense I suppose the song is ultimately hopeful–the release at the end of the chorus mirroring the inner release of the mind and the spirit, the attempt to find acceptance and peace.”

Bass racked up some serious air miles to produce this rather beautiful video, which was shot in Death Valley, California, Tucson and Tonopah, Arizona, Yellowstone and Anaconda, Montana, Glenwood, New Mexico, Shell, Wyoming, and The Rockaways and Brooklyn, New York.

Photo credit: Jeremy Bass as photographed by Skyler Smith.