Premiere | The Price Sisters – Widow of the Mountain

It all began on their eighth birthday, when twin sisters Lauren and Leanna Price were gifted a mandolin and a fiddle. Encouraged by the music of O’ Brother, Where Art Thou?, their intrigue in the traditional bluegrass movement—a genre in itself six or seven decades older than them—began to sprout. Now, the Price Sisters are two of the most promising faces in the genre today, with a playing style evocative of the likes of the Blue Grass Boys meshing perfectly with their rich, spot-on vocal harmonies and contemporary lyricism.

Gearing up for the release of their sure-to-be-celebrated second album, A Heart Never Knows, the Price Sisters are debuting their new song, ‘Widow of the Mountain’, with For Folk’s Sake. Its arrangement comes with an ominous kick that is sure to grasp old-school bluegrass lovers’ hearts straight away. The Prices’ incredible harmonic skill is evident within the first minute of the song. Paired with the traditional mystery of an Appalachian tale, it all comes together to develop a song that will leave an indelible mark on today’s bluegrass landscape.

The Price Sisters say:

This song is stylistically a little different than a lot of our repertoire, but we were drawn in by the pictures the lyrics painted and by song’s haunting melody. Even though this is a new song, the story told is one not unfamiliar in Appalachian music, and so we wanted to make it sounds as if it could’ve come straight out of the mountains long ago.
Photo: Amy Richmond