Premiere | The Heart Of – Sleep Tight

‘Sleep Tight’ is not, as the title might suggest, a lullaby. But the latest taste of The Heart Of’s upcoming debut EP is a beautifully tender reflection on those thoughts that you can’t always escape when the lights go out. “Sleep Tight is a song about the warm nights you’re thankful for written from the perspective of a cold night you aren’t,” said Zach Berkman. “It is a song about longing for the past, for lost love, and for the things you can’t seem to forget.”

The irony is, The Heart Of almost slept on this track themselves… “I wrote this one in a whirlwind writing session with a handful of other songs, and since it came fairly easily and quickly, it almost went overlooked,” Berkman added. “While its structure and message are simple, the song continued to resonate with me as distilled and true. When it came time to record, the group found ways to play together and shape the dynamic, and we ended up with a single live performance as our final version.”