Premiere | Doralice – Radio Habana

Bay Area gypsy duo Doralice is at it again with a brand new single. Hot off the heels of Vespertina’, Rima Ash and Yates Brown are bringing the ominous and playful composure of ‘Radio Habana’ to the table. There’s a folksy flair at the composition’s center, bringing to life a love letter to a lively Cuban eatery that the two often find themselves at when they’re in San Francisco.

Rima says:

The song is rooted in traditional folk instrumentation, built on a guitar progression that sparkles & pops on Yates’ cherished 1923 Martin parlor guitar, which he always says ‘takes a song & makes it a Doralice song.’  From there, in typical Doralice fashion, we weave in elements of our surroundings with a cinematic and slightly mysterious melody that brings out a Spanish flair.

Yates says:

Radio Habana is a tiny, super quirky Cuban spot in our neighborhood.   In addition to good food, lively conversation, and spontaneous rhumba sessions, there’s wildly eclectic art & décor procured by the owners (who saw Doralice perform at one of our first shows years ago), with every inch of wall & ceiling covered with crooked paintings, old photos, doll parts, bicycle wheels, cartoons, Beatles memorabilia, and old toys in various states of disembodiment, re-assembly, and subversive juxtaposition.  A feast for the senses even before the sangria arrives, and a perfect inspiration for a Doralice song.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)