Premiere | Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt – ‘Undone’

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign for the acclaimed Cincinnatian folk duo to release their second record of studio-recorded music together, consummate cellist Michael G. Ronstadt got to work on releasing what could well be described as the first single from off of his latest with collaborator and friend Aaron Nathans. The music video of sorts is a panoramic view of nature shots Ronstadt had taken while out in his respective homes of Arizona and Ohio, but the real star of the show is the frenetic, Burton-esque soundtrack that ‘Undone’ offers the images he’d captured.

Of the song, Ronstadt says:

2016 was a year of many extremes. We released Ronstadt Generation’s latest album, In the Land of the Setting Sun (Ronstadt Records), which is the CD with my father’s voice before he passed way from cancer in August. On the other hand, Ronstadt Generations has been taking the entire band out to venues both on the east and west coasts, rather than just a trio, so the sound is becoming more unified each tour. Throughout this process, Aaron Nathans and I had been recording a CD in secret for over a year, and finally have it mixed and ready to go into the world. We are so blessed with new support, new co-written songs (like the one featured), and stories to tell. ‘Undone’ tells a story about someone dying or maybe just going away, who may be leaving the business to someone isn’t necessarily ready. In so many ways, my brother Petie and I feel like we have huge shoes to fill after losing our father, but we’re going for it 100% and we know we can take our music to even greater places out of sheer motivation. I’m sure our situation fed into the writing of that song in some form or another.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm