Premiere | decker. – Matchstick Man

With the rise of quote-politicians-unquote like Donald Trump and Theresa May over the past couple of years have led many to believe that we as a world have taken so many steps forward only to take even more steps back. The job of many folk musicians, then, as it has always been in trying times such as these, has been to remind the people of their voice and revitalize them to push their movement for peace, unity, civility, and strength forward in whatever way that they can.

‘Matchstick Man’, by Arizonan psych-folk artist decker., is one such song that acts as a rallying cry for the individual to not lose their individuality, and for the collective not to become an egregious hivemind reflective of so-called leaders but to come together as people, as individuals, to take action against intolerance.

Says decker.:

“The unfathomable moment Donald Trump was elected was palpably and significantly unsettling to the masses who are deeply opposed to the racism, sexism, xenophobia and overall ignorance Donald Trump has paraded around America for the last year – as well it should be.  Matchstick Man is written to be a reminder that we as individuals and a collective have a strength that supersedes these man-made constructs and that we must stand strong, resist and take action immediately.”
‘Matchstick Man’ is the first single off the forthcoming album Into the Red coming August 25 via Royal Potato Family. It’s available everywhere for purchase, tomorrow, on June 9!

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Words by: Jonathan Frahm