Video | Roger Jaeger – Elevator

For Folk’s Sake is thrilled to share the latest music video release from Oklahoman singer-songwriter Roger Jaeger. The video acts as an accompaniment to the musician’s latest single, “Elevator”, and perfectly encapsulates the ethereal hopefulness emanating from the song’s soaring rock and roll-centered sound.

In it, you can witness Jaeger go from an everyday stuffy businessperson depressed by his life of monotony as he quite literally opens the elevator doors to a whole new realm of adventure that reinvigorates his soul. Truly, it’s quite the encapsulation of the “American dream”, and an inspiring video to company a compelling track by any means.

For more information on the artist, feel free to visit his official website. From there, you can springboard on up towards any number of social media pages your heart desires.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm