Exclusive Stream | Applewood Road – Applewood Road


Did you hear the one about the three songwriters who walked into a bar? Well, a cafe, actually. Those three songwriters were Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace, and within two hours of meeting in East Nashville, they had written the song they called ‘Applewood Road’. Within a week they had recorded it, and within six months they’d written an entire album. To make things simple, they named their band, and their album, after that first song.

In keeping with the straight-to-tape approach Barker took on her last solo record The Toerag Sessions, Applewood Road was recorded live to tape with minimal accompaniment at Welcome To 1979 studios in Nashville, then mastered in London. The record is released this Friday, but you can wrap your ears around the whole thing – and pre-order – here.