News | James McArthur & The Head Gardeners to release full album

james-mcarthur-head-gardenersA brand new album from James McArthur & The Head Gardeners, entitled Strange Readings From The Weather Station, will be released on June 1st via Moorland Records. This, the first full length album from the band, is the long awaited follow up release to 2013’s Lawn Order EP.

The band’s full album sound has been pegged as a soft, hazy folk, with dreamy harmonies and playfully plucky guitar parts – perfect listening for a lazy summer’s day. But, as with the British summer’s tendency to occasionally rain, the album also features more sombre and haunting elements, characterised by wistful violin and pedal steel parts.

Alongside front man James McArthur, Johnny O and Jim Willis make up The Head Gardeners, and Strange Readings from the Weather Station also features contributions from Joel Magill and Raven Bush of the band Syd Arthur, as well as musician Samantha Whates.

You can catch James McArthur & The Head Gardeners on Sunday June 28th, at the Gladstone in London. This is the only live performance that the band has currently announced, so don’t miss it!