News | Kathryn Williams says Spotify is ‘Starbucks of music’

Folk star Kathryn Williams hit out at Spotify this morning, calling the music streaming service the ‘Starbucks of music’.

Kathryn’s comments on twitter were in response to an episode of Radio 4 programme In Business about the music industryListen here.

She said: “Spotify is a working model for major labels because they have in returns in it which trickle back.

“But the main problem for artists at my level is the payment to my percentage of market is null. Yet it deflects paying customers.

“That is my problem. The thing is people are saying ” oh it’s so uncool to be angry at spotify!” But spotify is the Starbucks of music.

“It goes to the distributor or label or publisher first. So what is accounted at 1/2p per play get more like 0.006p to artist.

“Being simple about it being good for customer is fine.and they promote a product, But finding out how workers get paid is important too.”