New Bands Panel | Men’s Adventures – Blood Bride Sessions EP

Spinning tales steeped in lust, murder and betrayal, Men’s Adventures take their inspiration from “broken hearts, fiction and fantasy” and, suited and booted in get up straight off the set of The Good, The Bad & the Ugly, have recently been spotted bringing a touch of the Wild West to various venues around East London. Listen to their EP, available to download for free, and read what FFS has to say about this gang of outlaws below.

Rosy RossRosy Ross: Men’s Adventures wouldn’t sound out of place playing in the corner of a whisky-soaked bar deep in the heart of America. And having watched their YouTube videos, nor would they look it. So there’s a definite affinity with retro Americana on this EP, particularly in the twanging guitar and the bluesy, conversational lyrics.

However, the country music influence isn’t overpowering, and they’ll appeal to people who don’t necessarily like that genre too. There’s something about Men’s Adventures that’s similar to the way old Hollywood films make you feel nostalgic.

Alfie Smith and Jimmy Casson , the musical brains behind the band, have been “inspired by men’s adventures throughout the world and time”, according to their Bandcamp bio. And this EP will appeal if you like your sound rough, ready and atmospheric.

Men’s Adventures is also the title of an old 50’s men’s magazine, and many of the songs are actually taken from those stories published way back when… The lyrics do indeed tell a compelling story, confidently backed by the five piece band. All three songs are great, and delivered with feeling that makes you wonder whether these so-called stories might contain a twist of memory. Or maybe the duo are just really that good at writing songs.

Both ‘The Underwater Angel’ and ‘Deep Freeze Virgins’ are rollicking songs as well as haunting tales. Actually, so is the third track, which must have been inspired from an especially imaginative adventure. I’m looking forward to the album.

Kathy SaundersKathy Saunders: Any EP with a track called ‘Deep Freeze Virgins’ on it is surely worth a listen, if only out of curiosity. Such is the case with this EP, essentially three tracks of rambling, indie-cum-western in the style of a low-budget movie soundtrack- a rather excellent combination in a roundabout way.

The Blood Bride Sessions do sound all hot and worn out in places, a little faded, but there’s just something captivating about these three tracks that promises great things for any album they may come up with in the future.

While the vocals aren’t quite as prominent as they could have been, the rambling guitar riffs and somewhat depressive tales of love and lust gone wrong are more than a little bit addictive. Closing track ‘Blood Brides of Malaya’ is a definite highlight, perhaps more rambling and melodic than the others, telling the story of said Blood Brides who tempt men away from their families.

It’s almost cinematographic, projecting dark, lusting images into the ears of the listener – if that’s even possible. The story quickly comes to an ambiguous end and the guitars fade out with a riff that could well have come from a Tarantino score. All in all, a great track to leave an audience begging for more. Roll on that album.

Catch Men’s Adventures in a saloon, sorry…  music venue, near you very soon- they’re  playing at Bedroom Bar in London on March 7th, Birthdays in Dalston on March 25th, Kraak in Manchester on April 4th and The Blind Tiger in Brighton on April 24th.