News | Heidi Talbot unveils album teaser

What better way to get people excited about your new album than by letting them hear four perfectly-crafted folk-pop songs from it? That’s exactly what Heidi Talbot has done for her new release Angels Without Wings and you can hear them here.

Heidi is by no means a newcomer – in fact she’s an award-winner – but it’s not hard to imagine this might be the album that pushes her into the mainstream. Her voice has the classic quality of a Sandy Denny or a Joni Mitchell, while the arrangements are both simple and playful. Big-name contributors like Mark Knopfler, Jerry Douglas and King Creosote’s Kenny Anderson might earn her attention, but it’s the songs that will really win you over. Weaving influences from across the Channel and the Atlantic into her traditional sound, the title track and When The Roses Come Again are particular stand-outs.

As you can tell, FFS is pretty smitten. Have a listen, see if you are too. And if you are, the good news is that the album is out on February 18.