Poll | Where do you buy your music?

With news of the sad demise of HMV came the surprising statistic that 38% of physical music sold in the UK is bought there. So we asked folk fans on twitter where they get their CDs and vinyl…  

Tell us your favourite outlets in the comments below.

  1. @forfolkssake Amazon or iTunes depends on cheapest for downloads, or at gigs for Cds.
  2. @forfolkssake Fopp mainly, they have less known album’s I want for cheap prices.
  3. @forfolkssake I liked looking around HMV at times but I can’t deny that there prices were too much, I feel bad for the workers.
  4. @forfolkssake Fopp had that nice balance of album selection and excellent prices, if it does close down as well, I’d be really gutted.
  5. @forfolkssake From Fopp, Amazon, Bandcamp sites, record label sites, merch tables at gigs, charity shops, used record stores.
  6. @forfolkssake i had a little @Bandcamp splurge before Christmas. Otherwise it’s Resident Records or Charity shops…
  7. @forfolkssake indies, gigs, bandcamp, charity shops, other internet sites for imports (in that order)
  8. @forfolkssake HMV today! But also Sister Ray, gigs, band-sites, labels…
  9. @forfolkssake from the artist, or local record shops if possible. If not, something like Discogs.
  10. @forfolkssake Amazon almost exclusively these days: price, choice and service unmatchable in my experience
  11. @forfolkssake At small folk gigs, 2nd hand in Oxfam, otherwise online – they haven’t really stocked my kind of stuff for a while
  12. @forfolkssake Usually from @avalanche_edin or bands’ own @Bandcamp. But worried about the impact of no music chains at all on high street.
  13. @ollyknights that’s interesting. Do you have a preference for where people get yours from?
  14. @forfolkssake the more avenues the better ;) physical, download or streaming…
  15. @forfolkssake usually from the artist these days, or Spillers, Resident or Rise
  16. @forfolkssake Mainly Amazon (guiltily), also small local record stores, @residentmusic when in Brighton, gigs, charity shops and HMV.
  17. @forfolkssake I never download and never buy from supermarkets…
  18. @forfolkssake HMV store or HMV.com, independents or at a push if I can’t find something at those places Play.com
  19. @forfolkssake Piccadilly records in Manchester! Spoilt rotten for vinyl, unlike HMV unfortunately (who put records on calendar stands) :-(
  20. @forfolkssake Still sad about them though, and I hope they pull something out of the bag
  21. @forfolkssake whenever possible straight from artists or record label sites. it’s probably me who ruined hmv #sorry
  22. @forfolkssake Digital Download only now, but HMV Oxford St was my choice for LP’s many decades ago, had excellent classical section too.
  23. @forfolkssake Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, Action Records, Piccadilly Records, Norman Records, Recordstore.co.uk, and gigs/ band’s sites.
  24. @forfolkssake Sister Ray (Soho), Rough Trade East, band websites or at gigs & Amazon for the rest!
  25. @forfolkssake Independent record shops (and proud), iTunes and Beatport
  26. @forfolkssake I bought Christopher Owens’ new record from there today. But mostly Flashback in Crouch End for my music.