Exclusive | Stream Tamarin’s beautiful debut album Shake the Ghost

We’re very excited to be able to bring you the debut album from Philidelphia indie-folk quintet Tamarin.

Tamarin formed when songwriter Alex Malamy spent the summer of 2008 in Tuscany, documenting his thoughts in songs. On returning to New York, he brought bassist and vocalist Patrick Lamothe, drummer James Blinstrub, and guitarist and vocalist Page Foster on board and the four began playing shows around the city.

Later the band relocated to Philidelphia and in 2011 began recording Shake the Ghost, with the addition of keyboard player John Cipriano.

We’re absolutely smitten with the result here at FFS. Listen to the album in full below, so you can be too.

Free MP3 Download – ‘Seems A Laugh’

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