Come to the Allotment #3: Caitlin Rose, Tristram, Maryland and FREE CAKE

FFS and Anika in London are delighted to announce our third show at the Betsey Trotwood.

The Allotment #3 will feature highly exciting Nashville singer Caitlin Rose, the lovely Tristram and London-based troubador Maryland.

Tickets are £5 in advance from We Got Tickets or £6 on the door. And as always there’ll be free For Folk’s Cakes (including everyone’s favourite cholesterol-booster, tiffin) and Anika in Fruit (TBC). Check out pictures of previous Allotment nights here.

Anika would like to persuade you to come through the medium of rhyme.

She says: “A poem written whilst thinking about writing a poem whilst writing a poem whilst debating whether to write a poem or just not write a poem then deciding to write a poem, by Anika Mottershaw.

Cometh and eat cake,
Like water in a lake,
With Captain Jake,
Do it for cake’s sake,
The cake is NOT fake,
It’s almost too much to take,
O! The lovely cake.”

Words: Lynn Roberts (apart from that weird bit by Anika)