Drummer Doug Fink leaves Noah and the Whale to be a doctor

Noah and the Whale drummer Doug Fink, brother of frontman Charlie, has announced he is to leave the band to resume his medical career after collecting his degree from University College London last year.

In an email sent to the band’s mailing list Doug said:  “After three years or so of playing in the band, with heavy, and still disorientated, head and heart, I have made the decision to withdraw from the Noah and the Whale frontline and exercise the medical degree I collected last year.

“I did in fact take my first hospital job nearly a month ago and my final live show (for the substantial time being at least) will be at the album launch at ICA on September 4th.”

Noah and the Whale have just released and incredible project ‘The First Days of Spring’, which comprises an album and a feature film inspired by Charlie’s break up with former NATW singer and now solo star Laura Marling.

Doug continued: “I am exceptionally proud of my brother and his achievements, and of the things we have achieved together.”

FFS would like to extend a hearty hand of congratulations to Doug across the vast internets for both his hand in NATW’s achievements and his rather noble – if saddening for us folk fans – decision to save lives instead of seeking fame. Good luck t’you.

Words: Lynn Roberts

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