Eels release free EP, interview and live performance on MySpace

It’s Eels o’clock on MySpace transmissions this week.  Fans of this veritable institution of a band can watch a live performance and interview with the beautiful Mr E. himself, before downloading a 5 track EP, to keep, for absolutely free, nada, nilcho. 

Fans can also catch up with the previous guests of Transmissions, including Bon Iver and the Decemberists.  A certain posh, whiney ex-soldier boy is also featured, sadly, but we promise you now that you’ll never read that horrid man’s name anywhere on FFS.

Visit the Transmissions MySpace page now for access to all these lovely free things.  The EP won’t be perpetually available, mind, so you’d best act fast if you want to snap it up.  It’ll still be worth it after the free stuff’s all gone though – Mr E’s beard always looks lovely at this time of year.

Words: Helen True