She Keeps Bees album launch tonight (Aug 11th)


Deeply sexual Brooklynites She Keeps Bees will launch their new album, Nests, tonight (August 11th) at The Old Queen’s Head in Angel, north London.  There’s been quite a ‘buzz’ (we know – forgive us) surrounding this twosome recently, including a profile in the Guardian and high praise for Nests from NME  and Rough Trade.

She Keeps Bees will be joined by Babe Shadow and the accordion-toting Dufflefolks for the evening’s celebratory swarm, before DJing commences courtesy of the Bees and Dave Depares.  Dancing all night is, it seems, a very real option.
Nests is avaliable for a free listen now, here.

Musical delights commence at 8pm, and will set you back a mere £4, although presales have unsurprisingly been pretty healthy so tickets on the door are likely to be limited.

Words: Helen True