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Communion Records.

So this isn’t exactly news ‘hot off the press’, but in case you hadn’t already heard, Communion records have begun what they call a “Communion Weekly”. For the last five weeks, Communion have been sending subscribers a small dose of what they’ve been up to.

Every week, this includes a ‘Track of the Week’ which comes with a free download, a recommendation of a gig to attend closest to wherever you live, something more general that the label recommends, as well as releases and news from the label itself. Sounds like a good deal ay? On top of this, when you sign up, you get a free download copy of Communon’s EP, which contains the likes of Pete Roe, Marcus Foster, Daughter, Kyla La Grange and more.

To subscribe to this wondrous happening, see here.


Words: Ellie Rumbold