Kimya angered by Carla Bruni’s Moldy Peaches cover

Alt-folk goddess Kimya Dawson has expressed her reservations about the first lady of France’s cover of Moldy Peaches song Anyone Else But You.

After seeing a commercial with a clip of the live performance, which Carla Bruni performed with French Pop Idol winner Julien Doré on music show Taratata, the Washington-based artist condemned the cover on her Myspace blog saying “Why are they singing the most awkward song ever written so sexily?!”

And she’s not wrong, check this out.

However, after seeing the full version, Kimya said: “I actually squealed and doubled over laughing, and maybe even thrust my clenched fist in the air upon hearing the first lady of France sing the line, ‘squinched up your face and did a dance, then you shook a little turd out of the bottom of your pants’.”

Despite Kimya’s change of heart For Folk’s Sake still thinks it’s pretty minging. Especially the wind machine. Ugh.

Words: Lynn Roberts

FFS’s thanks to Sarah Oxley for the photo