FFS New Bands Panel: Evening Chorus


“Two lifelong friends, a chance meeting and a university course-mate, all brought together by a love of tea, biscuits and folk music…” So began Evening Chorus in Cardiff last year. In less than a year, they’ve produced three singles already, so it was high time the panel had a listen.

AliceSageAlice Sage: Folky, straight-faced and sad. This is a little like Damien Rice – in vocal sound, rustic accompaniment and general tone. This is, I admit, not the music I wish to listen to. However, I can recognise that out of many artists trying to capture this earnest, rustic mood, these guys do a bang up job. They are lyrically interesting, creative and dynamic, with music that moves and surges in appealing ways. Instrumentally accomplished, with a not-too-silly voice full of deep notes and angst, I would recommend this band to many people and I recommend it to you. I, on the other hand, am already bored to tears.

Anna HeadshotAnna Mellor: Evening Chorus first came onto my radar through the Green Man Poll competition in which they did very well, and rightly so. Their music is sweet, harmonious and very accessible folk. Of their three releases, the latest single No Wreath, No Crown starts with a beautiful solo voice and guitar before harmonies are introduced, the banjo comes in, and then much like a Mumford song the pace gradually increases. All there songs retain the quiet beauty of No Wreath, No Crown, the highlight of their myspace tracks being Decisions which has a slightly cheesier pop quality to it. They remind me of early Noah and the Whale and it will be interesting see where they go next.

parkerIan Parker: Evening Chorus have all the pieces in place to be a great band. There’s the wide range of instruments and the interchanging vocalists that bring to mind the likes of Bodies of Water. But it never quite comes to life. Everything feels a little bit one-paced, a little dry. Joy is hardly joyous, but then somewhat oddly comes to life 40 seconds from the end. They do produce an interesting variety of sounds, particularly on tracks like Blistered Magnolia, but they need more variety if they are to hold your attention over the course of an album.

You can check out Evening Chorus for yourself at their website here.