Q&A: Love Like Fire

Why do FFS interviews always get around to food? Probably cos music and food are our favourite things ever. LoveLikeFire’s Ann Yu is a girl after our own heart, she answers Mary Machin’s questions.
FFS: How do you think your music has progressed since your first EP?
LLF: I think the newer material is more emotionally honest than the first EP. There is a directness in the delivery and lyrics whereas the earlier stuff was more about vague ideas that you could read into several different ways. There was a more reserved delivery in the earlier material and I think we’ve opened ourselves more with Tear Ourselves Away.

Have you surprised yourselves in the past year, be it playing live or in the process of writing?
It’s always a surprise between writing and playing live.  It never seems to work out that you sit down and say to yourself, today we are going to write the most amazing song ever and it happens. Rather, you hope that it happens and that the little muse surprises you in one of your sessions. But exactly when little muse decides to visit you is totally sporadic and random which makes it all the more exciting. Playing live is the same way, you always come into a live show thinking it’s going to be exactly how you planned for it but it never happens that way and spontaneousness is always welcome!

Do you feel that being based in San Francisco has influenced your music in any way?
The fog always gets to you, there are only a handful of days where it’s sunny all day long and not chilly in the evening.  On several occasions, I’ve stood in front of my heater to a get blast of hot air because it was so cold!  I wish sometimes I could walk outside in a sun dress or tank top and eat watermelon on the porch. But I think that this mood in weather has seeped into our music most definitely. Also, living in a big city with all the city smells, narrow streets, variety of neighborhoods and people exposes you to so much culture and you’re constantly surrounded by some of the best artists and musicians which is also inspiring.
Do you like to make your live shows sound different to the records, if so, how?
Live shows are always more raw than the record, I don’t like our live shows to sound as perfect and polished as the records because you want the raw energy and feel without pre-recorded tracks to make your arrangement seem exactly like the album.  It always bums me out when people overuse pre-recorded tracks.

Which contemporary musicians do you admire?

Currently, I am in love with  The Walkmen, French Kicks, Bat For Lashes, Fever Ray, Beach House, and White Rabbits. I am pretty certain the guys current list would be similar too. :)
Do you have any secret abilities we don’t know about?
I can cut hair, spell backwards, and speak Korean.
Where would you like to see yourselves in three years’ time?
We would really like to have a new EP and album number two out and be able to sufficiently tour the US and UK and also live comfortably. No more ramen and mac n’ cheese please!
Why should people listen to you if they haven’t already?
I think if you hear one of our tunes, you will know whether you are compelled to listen to more and I could list reasons why I think you should listen to us but everyone’s got their own tastes and opinions so I think, if anything, I’d tell people to listen to an LLF song and judge for yourself. We write what speaks to us and compels us and all we can ask for is for people to listen and see if it strikes a chord with them outside of any preconceived notions or judgements.
What’s been the highlight of your summer?
Touring the UK!  And eating my first full english breakfast.