Devon Sproule’s tour diary | days 8-10 – Shetland and Yell

Devon Sproule is blogging for FFS from her tour of the Highlands and Islands in support of new album Colours. For more tour dates and to buy your tickets, visit Devon’s website .

Devon Sproule tour in a bus stop

We’ve been lost in a world of mist for days! Everyone in Shetland said it was a shame but that’s probably just their habit. I think we all thought it was beautiful and mysterious.

Saw airplaney Fulmars all over the super-shrouded Eshaness cliffs today. Giant pointy Ganets above the wake of the ferry earlier this evening — especially cool after reading about them in the St Kilda book.

The show at Mareel in Lerwick was a big one, amazing and exhausting.

We recorded a couple new tunes in the day with their insane gear and intensely nice and knowledgable engineers.

The next morning, caught the noon ferry to Yell and continued on to Unst. All very misty, weird, and wonderful.

The show in the village hall at Cullivoe, Yell was the best of the tour: big roast dinner and wine at pushed-together tables in the back bar, great gig under a gymnasium-style collection of viking villager armor, and late night pool, darts, drinks and ….dum dah dummmm: crappit heids! Fish liver, oatmeal, and onion cooked in a cod head. me and Thom and Malachy ate an eyeball each.