Blog | Happy Pancake Day. Here’s the Leisure Society.

We love pancakes almost as much as music. And that’s a lot. Luckily The Leisure Society, who we love almost as much as music and pancakes, have written a song about it, thereby legitimising this post. We knew they were goodies.

Listen here:


Team FFS’s recommended pancake toppings:

Lynn (editor): “Blueberries, strawberries, banana and maple syrup, especially if the blueberries are in the pancakes.”

Helen (live editor): “Maple syrup, which is not terribly patriotic of me, but it’s NICE.”

Ian (reviews editor): “Ice cream with more ice cream. Make sure you say it like that.”

Ellie (news editor): “It’s gotta be either golden syrup or your traditional sugar and lemon, I think. Never nutella though.”

We asked Brian too but he said: “Pancake Day is a very cruel joke to play on an owl. Try squeezing a lemon with a pair of wings and see how it makes YOU feel.” So we backed away and left him to drown in a pool of his own whineyness.




Photo by this excellent fellow. Who likes his food.