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WIN: A pair of tickets to Shhh… feat David Thomas Broughton, Sam Amidon, Dan Michaelson & the Coastguards

There’s nothing better than a gig with a quiet audience where you get to hear great music without any blutered punters inspiring homicidal notions you didn’t know you were capable of. Well the lovely chaps at The Line of Best…

The Tim and Sam Band

We say: \\”Without a doubt, the seven songs on Put Your Slippers On, The Tim and Sam Band’s EP re-release (out on Full of Joy Records, April 13th), couldn’t be described as anything but beautiful. Layers of violins, gentle wind…

FFS Ones to Watch: The Tim and Sam Band

Tim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam. Bit of a mouthful isn’t it? Just as well, then, that Tim McIver of said band is happy for it to be abbreviated. “To be honest it was a bit of a joke originally,” he says. “But it’s kind of stuck now. We mainly use the long version to catch people’s eyes.”