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Album Review: The Old Terminal by The Research

Wakefield based The Research haven’t had it easy. ‘Unpleasantness’ with former label EMI cut short what was a promising escalation into widespread acclaim, and the three-piece on their Myspace page largely attribute their relative silence throughout 2007 to ‘politics’. So it was back to square one for the band, who now find themselves in the unenviable position of jostling for space in the wings of the indie stage, alongside a wealth of other, similarly promising, acts.

The Research are back! Album news and live dates

Casio keyboard-wielding Wakefield trio The Research are back with their second album and a UK tour after a lengthy hiatus.

After the success of their debut album Breaking Up, the band went on to record its follow-up, but were plagued with record label politics. Having split from EMI last year, they are back with new offering The Old Terminal. The album will be released on 27th October.

The Research

They Say: The Research comes from the University of Wakefield in West Yorkshire. Sarah is moving back to Wakefield and the Research will be born again and they will bring joy to all the creatures again and they will be…