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FFS interview: The Living Sisters

Becky Stark: “We wanted to make music everyone can listen to. These are the songs you’re brought up with, you know? The songs that everyone knows, The Beatles, Ella… and they become everybody’s music. It’s kind of like everyone owns them. Like The Beatles songs, or Amazing Grace… My mom used to do these teachings, on a Sunday afternoon. The Church of Popular Culture. We’d listen to the charts, and the current music and we’d learn them, and dance to them, but we’d learn from them too. Karma Chameleon. When that came out, we learnt about karma, and materialism, from Material Girl.”

Album: The Living Sisters – Love to Live

Stephen Thomas says: Love To Live is, in many ways, almost perfect. Uniquely placed amongst other current releases, The Living Sisters may not have the broadest commercial appeal but they certainly have the broadest appeal emotionally. Everybody needs music like this — reflective and soothing woozy folk-pop that harmonises and procrastinates. This is Sunday afternoon music, but it would take no great push or will to place it as Sunday morning music, too — or Saturday, or Tuesday, or just about any other time when you need a break from the world.